Sufi Etur

Happy Client Quotes

"Sufi, if you were a planet, we'd stick a flag in you!"     - (CB)

"... For those of you considering working with a doula for your childbirth, I wanted to recommend Sufi! She is amazing! We had a terrific experience with Sufi and she is an expert in her field. But while some experts can be overbearing, Sufi consistently showed great respect and support for our choices. She knew just when to present a range of options, and when to make more clear suggestions; at all points we felt empowered as a couple and I felt respected and honored as a woman. At the hospital she worked effortlessly with the medical staff whilst clearly remaining our guide and advocate. My husband is a physician and perfectly at ease in a hospital, but he agreed that having such a wise navigator present allowed him to be more present as a loving husband and almost-father. We will be grateful to Sufi for the rest of our lives."     - (LK)

"Now this is a doula that knows her stuff!"
    - Dr. H. Mandell / Cedar Sinai

" Wanted to send you something from Lucia and me to show our appreciation for all your care and support. Lucia misses you! She cried with the new nanny, but I guess she has to get used to her."     - All the best - Alexis

"My midwife said I couldn't push since I was only seven centimeters, and I ended up having to blow out my mouth to keep from pushing. Sufi brought our faces together nose to nose and said, "Blow my bangs off my forehead." We did this for three hours until I got the ok to push. Sufi never wavered even when on occasion I'd spit in her face. It was funny and kept me focused when I wasn't sure I'd make it through."     - (JF)

"Dear Sufi: Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! You are our good luck charm, don't know where'd we be without you! Your energy, spirit, and knowledge are priceless!"     - (JN)

"... I cannot thank you enough for your practical and emotional assistance that you gave to us. While I do have an amazing husband, it was reassuring to have your calm manner around especially when it got tricky at the end. Even in todays modern world your role was sooo very helpful!"     - (MJ)

"Thank you so very much for being a part of this baby no. 2 experience! I don't know what we'd do without you and your calming presence. Thank you for your humor and genuine care for us!"     - (CN)

"... Thank you for being there for my daughter! A mother is always praying that God blesses her children. You were truly God sent. Please receive this small token of my appreciation."     - (RL)

"... just wanted to thank you again for helping us through the wonderful experience of labor. Honestly we both are so gratefull you were a part of Jacks' birth!"     - (AR)

"At one point during my wife's labor I was parched and had hit the wall. The nurse was busy and it was still too early for our doctor to come. In that moment I thought, I would pay anything for someone to get me a sprite and give my wife some comfort, a shoulder rub, while I take a break, when I realized I already had! Sufi was at both our boys births and had our backs. We love her and the support was priceless. And she got it right the first time. Sprite not 7up! "     - (JN)

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