Sufi Etur


As your doula/consultant it is my passion to support your new family through this grand transition. Together as a team we sculpt a course based upon desires and my experience to create a smooth beginning for your new family!

Having a doula/ consultant is the equivalent to having your childbirth educator with you at the birth. We are the rare birth professionals that work with doctors and midwives. This gives us a broader overview of birth that supports and informs my clients with some advantage regarding what is "done" and not "done" these days. I do not give medical advice, and it's never my agenda, it's your agenda. We create a system with the supervision of your chosen care provider that will get us closest to your desired birth experience.

I have attended over 480 births now and have worked with over 100 families in Birth and Postpartum. To ensure the best care and constant availability to my clients, I take no more than two births a month. I always line up a back-up doula, but in 10 years, I have only had to call her in once.

In my experience, I have found my clients better served when the focus is the quality of the journey rather than on attaining a specific outcome. You make choices and prepare for the ideal, then you "let go and let birth". I have supported c-section moms and moms who knew they wanted medication but wanted to get to 5cm before taking it. I have walked moms into the hospital at 8 and 9cms after laboring at home. These were all good births, because in the end the family was served from a place that honored their preferences and beliefs.

I have the loving support of my husband who is "mommy back-up" at the drop of a hat. My son Teo was born in 2004 and that experience, and who he is as a person, has made me a better birth and postpartum doula. I also had a doula who was great and necessary to spell my husband, but I have to say my husband shined, he was my hero! I love to support "dad shine" moments as it strengthens the new family bond!


I have been a postpartum doula since 2001, and recently completed my certification as a Newborn Care Specialist. (A Newborn Care Specialist receives extensive and detailed training for work with preemies, multiples, and sleep training.) I have worked with over 170 families, and I work night and daytime hours. I make it a priority to be there the first day you come home to support and welcome you to your new world. The first two weeks are the ideal time to have postpartum support. I help with breastfeeding, sleep navigation, swaddling, first bath (see Spa Baby under services), diapering, jaundice patrol and more. Again I am instant educated information at the ready, comfort and care.

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